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    Systematic innovation

    Knauf Richter System

    Knauf Richter System is a pioneer and market leader in the field of drywall systems for ceiling and wall systems in Europe. With more than 4,000 articles, the company develops and produces a variety of practice-oriented and innovative solutions for almost every conversion and expansion task. The scope of application includes administrative and industrial buildings as well as sales and business premises, hotels, department stores, schools, clinics or residential buildings.

    Of course, knauf Richter System also offers a comprehensive service. For this purpose, a nationwide network of competent system consultants is available to customers for professional on-site support. A wide range of services in the areas of logistics, construction site unloading and fixed lengths as well as technical training round off the range of services.

    Solution competence from quick-build screws to lightweight construction

    Knauf Richter System is your competent solution provider for complex problems in the drywall sector. We supply our customers with everything that makes modern construction easier, more effective and safer, from professional quick-build screws to high-quality fire protection glazing and edge protection technology to multi-storey lightweight constructions. Of course, this also includes custom-made products at the customer's request.

    Our proven systems in lightweight construction are prefabricated, patented, comprehensively tested and approved by the building authorities. They therefore meet all requirements for sound insulation, fire protection and mechanical stress.

    Due to the continuous further development and completion of the Richter System product range, our customers can carry out the complete interior design of their trade just as reliably as in accordance with DIN. Our innovations repeatedly set standards: for example, the super magnum pulse profile for maximum stability as well as sound and fire protection safety; or the load-bearing lightweight construction system SBS, which creates completely new possibilities in hall and commercial construction, in room-in-room solutions or for extensions and extensions.

    Certified for more safety and quality

    Knauf Richter System stands for state-of-the-art production technology as well as the highest level of system competence and innovation. Our sophisticated ceiling and wall systems are produced for the world market – and demanded by the world market. Of course, our products meet all requirements for quality and safety. This is not least guaranteed by our quality management certified under DIN EN ISO 9001.

    But the protection of the environment and nature is also important to us. For this reason, Knauf Richter System was the first company in the drywall sector to certify its environmental management according to DIN EN ISO 14001. In this way, we are actively committed to the continuous improvement of the environmental compatibility and manufacturing processes of our products.

    Since 2010, Knauf Richter System has also certified its occupational health and safety regulations in accordance with BS OHSAS 18 001. This means that we have a state-of-the-art system for optimising occupational safety in the areas of production, loading and assembly.

    Knauf Richter System lives up to its responsibility: for employees, for its customers as well as for people, nature and the environment.

    Because Knauf Richter System can.