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    W11.de Dokument Englisch Know-how international

    We want to make it easy for you to work in Germany with our products and with us. We make our materials available to you in English here. The processing videos show you how it is done and facilitate correct mounting. Or simply download our technical documentation Knauf Metal Stud Partitions.

    Download now: W11 Metal Stud Partitions (PDF | 11 MB)

    Knauf jointing and finishing – edge types and joint tapes
    Deflection heads for walls (Part 1) – with fire and sound insulation
    Deflection heads for walls (Part 2) – in the area of a T-joint
    Deflection heads for walls (Part 3) – with corner formation
    Knauf jointing – completing the connections
    Outer and inner corners neatly implemented with Knauf
    Knauf Pocket Kit – mounting in metal stud partitions
    Knauf Pocket Kit – filler reveal mounting
    Processing Knauf AQUAPANEL® Cement Board (Part 1) – cutting and bending cement boards
    Processing Knauf AQUAPANEL® Cement Board (Part 2) – joint technique at walls and ceilings
    Knauf jointing – quality levels
    Knauf gypsum filler and cement filler – stir and work
    Cleaneo Single Smart – mounting for wall and ceiling