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    Compliance bei Knauf

    Sustainable business starts with an organization that is true to its purpose and core values

    At Knauf, we share the values of Menschlichkeit, Partnership, Commitment and Entrepreneurship. We are convinced that following our values leads to sustainable growth. Therefore, we align our corporate actions with laws and regulations, as well as our internal policies. Compliance thus forms a core part of our corporate culture. Our aim is to empower all employees and business partners to act the right way and to firmly anchor our values in our corporate structure.

    Compliance is never a self-purpose. Today, solid and effective compliance management is not only a legally required must-have to meet regulatory expectations but also to meet rising expectations from customers and business partners. At Knauf, we are running a professional Compliance Management System ("CMS"). The group wide Knauf Compliance Organization acts as a reliable consultant and compliance risk manager for Knauf managers and employees. We are proud that conducting business with Knauf means business with a business partner who does things not only good, but also right.


    Knauf Compliance