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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Knauf can offer a huge range of job opportunities. We have a number of different businesses in countries around the world. These range from teams involved in cutting edge, digital transformation projects which are aimed at modernising and improving the sustainability of the construction industry through to our core manufacturing sites, producing high quality, market leading products like plasterboard, insulation and ceiling solutions.

    The success of our company relies on thousands of different roles all working together. Knauf prides itself on offering career stability and longevity and always doing the right thing by its employees. So no matter what stage you are at in your career or what skills you can bring to the table, there’s usually an opportunity for you at Knauf.

    Check our global vacancies list on our dedicated career website here.

    Our values, our structure and our strategy all work together to maximise the impact we can have as a large, global manufacturing business on the world around us and within our sector.

    Our Values, as a privately-owned business routed in family history, run deep through the business. We take them seriously and live by them. Our values of entrepreneurship, menschlikeit (societal responsibility), partnership and commitment encourage our people to take the initiative in a supportive environment to pursue what they think is right.

    Our decentralised structure allows each region and each business to choose their own areas which present the greatest opportunity for impact. This means local impact on a global scale.

    Finally our strategy. We believe in the power of the human spirit to create positive change and to work for the greater good. Our strong emphasis on environmental sustainability and digital innovation for our industry proves how dedicated we are to making a difference.

    If you also hold the same beliefs, then let us help you channel that positive energy into making a difference that you can be proud of.

    In uncertain times, we understand that job security is a high priority.

    As a family-founded business, our ethics about the fair and decent treatment of our people are mirrored around the world and feedback from our teams confirms that they see this on a daily basis.

    Our 90-year german heritage combined with our private company status mean that all planning is long-term and carefully considered. This provides stability and safety for our people.

    Whether you are with us for 20 years or 2 years, we strive always to offer a stable and secure career, so question is just.. which opportunity is next for you?

    Take a look at our global careers website here.

    As a global, decentralised company, each of our businesses is given the freedom to attract and recruit new people in the way that best fits their needs and culture.

    For this reason, there is no standard recruitment process as it depends on the role you are applying for and the business in which it sits.

    The information on our recruitment processes and contact details for our People teams in each business can be found on their individual career websites.

    Please visit the Global Careers website here to be redirected to the appropriate region or business for your needs.

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